About us

Understanding the customer - above all else.

The reason why OUMI has been long serving as it is stems from its founder, Cynthia, and her uncompromising belief in building a close and empathetic relationship with her customers - many of whom became friends along the way. Every piece of fabric work, big or small, is treated with extreme care and precision.

"The only thing more important than the garment is the wearer - and they are ones we are striving to bring the best of"

- Cynthia Liu, Founder

Hear from our customers

"Cynthia (the boss) is exceptional - her attention to detail is amazing, have been going to her for quite a few years and she’s my go-to tailor/alteration/dry-cleaning specialist. Thanks to her, my jacket which had a hole in the back, was fixed, my pants with leather sides that were peeling off, were fixed, and almost all of my out-of-this-world tailoring/alteration emergencies; were fixed.

She has a design background, and is meticulous in trying to find the best way to solve a problem, be it a torn t-shirt or split pants, and I have given her a few pieces with free reign to create individual t-shirts, and she made such amazing individual pieces. She handles all my leather jackets, and has vast knowledge of textiles, patterns, etc. I use her dry cleaning/laundry services too - and fully recommended as well. Her staff are also polite, extremely hardworking and have a great work ethic (like her). I trust her expertise - and she truly is a professional."

Steve Andre


OUMI preserves the style, cut and shape of any garment sent in for alteration services. Furthermore, our veteran seamstresses and tailor will only remove fabric if it is deemed entirely necessary so our customers can be rest assured that their favourite pair of jeans will remain as their favourite pair.

In our luxury repair services, threads and other replacement fabric elements even adhere to the original elements, keeping to the tradition and style of the product. Learn more by clicking below!

Precision, in every stitch.